Five Unique and Unusual Gifts for Mother’s Day

Don’t go for the ordinary for Mom’s day….go for awesome! And if you can’t go for awesome, weird but cute will work too 🙂

I’m Your Favorite!~Mother’s Day Gag Coffee Mug

I know my mom’s sense of humor. I mean, I just KNOW it…and I know she will laugh. I have got to get this for her but it remains to be decided whether I am brave enough to give it to her when my brother’s and sisters are around!

Silver Pendants with Pink Stones for Mother’s Day

When I have to pick out gifts for someone I love, why is it always so hard to choose? Everything single one of these necklaces has a quality or an interest value that makes each of them stand out. So far, after a lot of thought (and eeny, meeny, miny moe ) I”ve managed to get it down to three. So, ok….I still have another month to pick one…Just ONE!

Best and Easiest Breakfast Ideas for a Mother’s Day Treat

This was one of the best gifts I had ever given my mom. One that came from my heart and took a bit of time and effort. Though it’s easier to go out and buy something, it’s far more meaningful and gives more joy to give something from the heart. My mom’s breakfast gifts was a hit. I’m sure yours will be too.

Lighted Four Foot White Christmas Tree

White Faux Christmas Tree Four Foot

White Christmas trees are often the perfect holiday decorating complement to green trees. I have two small three foot green table top holiday trees and wanted another in a different color. Some are lit and others not but they are exactly the right touch for what I have in mind this year.

Our First Christmas Ornament

personalized first Christmas together ornament

Your first Christmas together is always so special isn’t it? Here are some of the cutest ornaments I found that help to celebrate your very first special holidays together or a family member or friend. This is a great way to commemorate a first holiday anniversary.